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Women Jogging Cushion Shoes

Women Jogging Cushion Shoes

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The sports shoes adopt a knitted upper, which possesses elastic and is Lightweight and Breathable, besides, it is easy to clean and quickly-Dry. It is a cool Volcanic type on the shoe's two sides, a Street fashion trend, The walking shoe's sole has clear lines, is wear-resisting, the rubber Sole is Lightweight and Non-Slip, and No glue on Shoes upper.

The non-slip sole with blade design gives your full powerful support, it makes the wearing safe. Elastic and Breathable mesh upper with softness and excellent flexibility, ensures your feet fit closely and feel more freedom, It makes you comfortable all day.
Lace-up Style: The walking shoes for men and women use lace-up, Fashion, and pretty well, Moreover, the tightness can be adjusted appropriately. Cater to the fashion view of young people.

  • Product Features  Fly Weave Breathable Fashion Women Jogging Cushion Casual Running Walking Shoes
  • mesh breathable air sport shoes sneaker Flyknit breathable soft and comfortable couple sport shoes fly weave fashion men sneaker running sport shoes
  • Material Type Mesh
  • Size 36-44
  • Color grey, pink, black rainbow, beige, black+grey
  • Weight 1500g
  • Size Display

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